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Autism Spectrum Centers of Mississippi

Autism Spectrum Centers of Mississippi (ASC-MS) has been created through a partnership between Together Enhancing Autism Awareness (TEAAM) and Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC).  Each of these non-profit organizations have been providing quality services to individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorders for decades.  Though ASC-MS is primarily focused on Autism Spectrum Disorders, most services are available to any student with learning differences and/or other related disabilities.  These include, but are not limited to, ADHD, Dyslexia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Processing Disorders, Specific Learning Disabilities.  As ASC-MS grows, we will identify gaps in existing services and develop programs to fill these voids.

The Center opened in June of 2013.  We are currently providing the following services:

  • Toddler Developmental Program – Ages 2 to 5
  • Assessment and Diagnostic Services
  • Skills Assessments
  • Individual and Family Counseling Services
  • Individual Developmental Milestone Interventions (DMI)
  • Family Support Services
  • Distance Support Services (Web-based Service)
  • Educational Performance Support for New Summit Students

The staff at ASC-MS, through our Family Support Services, assists families who already have a diagnosis navigate what to do next and how to plan for the future.  These services take into account the challenges that a family is currently facing in order work collaboratively to develop a plan of action for the immediate and distant future.  So many times families get a diagnosis and are faced with, “what next?” Let us help you develop a plan.

ASC-MS operates its services under the administrative leadership of Dr. Nancy New, Executive Director of New Learning Resources and the Mississippi Community Education Center.  Dr. New is the Founder of New Learning Resources, an innovative program that provides educational options to students of all ages and learning capabilities.  She is considered Mississippi’s leader in the innovative creation of providing a wide range of learners with options to succeed.

Dr. Mark Yeager, Executive Director and co-founder of TEAAM Autism provides clinical leadership for ASC-MS.  Dr. Yeager is also the Founder of Center Ridge Outpost, TEAAM’s adventure base camp.  The Outpost serves as the home for innovative outdoor programs developed by Dr. Yeager and his team of specialists.  Dr. Yeager is considered to be the foremost authority on Autism Spectrum Disorder in Mississippi with over 30 years experience.  All services are conducted and developed under his oversight.

ASC-MS’s Program Coordinator is Caitlin Tew.  Ms. Tew has many years experience designing and working in programs for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related developmental disabilities. Her expertise revolves around sound understanding of an individual’s learning and behavioral needs, enabling her to develop dynamic, ongoing intervention strategies.  Ms. Tew is making her mark as a future key leader in the growing field if Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Contact Information 

ASC-MS    601-965-9488 or email at ctew@mscec.org

TEAAM Autism  601-782-9005 or email at takeaction@TEAAM.org

Statewide toll-free number: 1-866-993-2437

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